WWFH: A Salon Series--Curious About Cannabis?

May 25, 2021 at 11:30 pm UTC

WWFH: A Salon Series--Curious About Cannabis?

Join us for a fascinating night as we dive into all things CANNABIS.


Our special guests will help break down cannabis fact versus fiction and discuss the science & history of the plant . Find out how it can play a role in your personal wellness, and how you can get involved in the rapidly growing business. Ask all your questions to our panel of female experts!

Join Drew Barrymore for a kitchen tutorial

Janna Meyrowitz Turner, President of Style House 

Dr June Chin, Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine Physician

Erin Gore, Founder & CEO of Garden Society 

Tai Beauchamp, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Brown Girl Jane

Kristina Lopez Adduci, Founder and CEO of House of Puff

Proceeds will benefit the Women's Prison Association


Tickets $20


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